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By Dr. Vishram Bapat

Solar thermal presents yet another opportunity as it is also very much live field for innovation and reconfiguration. Together in thermal and electrical form, we need to extract maximum possible quantum of solar energy to the benefit of the mankind. Of course, this harnessing shall not be at the cost of any other natural habitat other than humans.

By Er. Amit Arokar

Come one come all: the Ocean of opportunities in the field of harnessing solar energy are boundless today. This is because we have just reached around 15% conversion efficiency in solar PV generation on affordable level. Anyone can explore different materials and their structures so as to enhance the conversion efficiency. Further the configurations of the mounting structures also provide scope to add to conversion effectiveness of the solar plants. Hence it is an opportunity for one and all.

By Er. Om Bapat

The abundance of available solar energy on earth surface is indeed beyond our imagination. It was estimated that the theoretical solar energy available on earth in 90 minutes is more than total annual energy consumption of the world in the year 2001. Thus innovation has huge room to harness still large chunks of solar energy for the mankind.

By Er. Shrikant Tikhile

Sun is among the purest sources of energy available in nature. Human creativity and innovation has made it possible to harness the solar energy affordably for human habitats all over the globe. Let us make its best use in India.

By Er. Akash Marotkar

The use of solar energy offers huge potential for natural resource and climate protection, for better and safer life. Solar energy be harnessed to maximum limits. Extensive solar energy usage plays important role in saving ozone layer depletion.