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510 GW RE BY 2030: Where Does India Stand

According to MD of ECE India Energies Pvt Ltd "Solar manufacturer are ready to deal with the challenges for producing high quality module as per global standard to meet target. government policies and taxation are major hurdles in RE development. also dependencies on other countries for basic raw materials also one of the viscous factor in RE development".

According to Manoj Gupta (VP-Solar & waste to energy business,Forum India) "Looking at in installation trends, there may be some shortfall in achieving 175 GW by 2022 but long term focus should be cleare".

According to Shivanand Nimbargi ( MD & CEO Ayana Renewable) "The target of 510 GW RE by 2030 is an aggressive target but it is achievable and it will dramaticaly change India's energy scenario".

According to Ravindra Prabhudesai ( Director Pitambari product Pvt Ltd) " We need smooth and easy government policies and approach of official also we need fast and smooth approval from authorities".