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India’s power demand is expected to rise from current figure of 153 GW to about 690 GW by 2035-36. The government has also understood that for a country with GDP growing at about 8 percent, going solar is no longer just a good-to-have option but the only viable one to bridge the gap between supply and demand.However, most of the Solar Panel Manufacturing companies fail to harness solar potential because of factors like low investment in R&D which results in low quality and inefficient products.

ECE India Energies Private Limited was established to provide fruitful services to the stakeholders through value addition withgood quality, efficiency and clean environment. Though the region of Maharashtra is yet to catch up in Solar Panel Manufacturing, ECE has managed to become an employment generator starting from a handful people in 2010 situated at Amravati. “Manufacturing of Solar Energy & Road Safety based products formed the initial base of the company, which later on went on to become a multi-faceted enterprise of green and solar energy products as well as services,” says Amit Arokar, Managing Director of the company.

Solar Blinkers, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Fencing, Solar Street Lights, Road Safety systems like Traffic Signals, Traffic Controllers, Graphical Countdown Timer, etc. were the innovative products which company manufactured from the

The new venture after successful installations of solar plants throughout the country was visualized and has come to reality with state of art 100 MW High Efficiency Solar panel the manufacturing facility at Amravati Manufacturing Unit of the

ECE India Energies forms a solid ground with satisfied customers and successful consultancy services in EPC projects given to famous big names to name a few, Adani, Reliance, IRB etc. ECE India Energies and its team are committed to become a multi-billion venture serving society and nation to its fullest in coming 5 years.

Focus on R&D

ECE India aptly emphasizes research and development. Particularly in solar PV field, there remains large scope
for innovation over wide-ranging aspects like solar cell technology, PV panel making process, structural arrangements, applications and operating efficiency etc. The projects being currently pursued include indigenous manufacturing of Nanopanels (in few watts), efficiency improvement by controlling panel temperature. Highly qualified persons in the company are an asset in this regard. Also, company actively supports Gender Equality in the workplacebecause of which company has 30 per cent Women staff who are equally contributing to company’s success.

The company has its factory in Amravati, Maharashtra. The factory premise admeasures over 22000 square feet and
houses all the necessary equipment, tools, and HR facilities to deliver best quality in manufacture with integration into units like In-house Design & Fabrication, Warehouse & Packaging,

Quality Control and Research & Development.
Owing to their world-class manufactured goods in a full-fledged infrastructure and post-sale support to customers has earned
them faith of their clients

Every integrated unit at ECE India Energies is equipped with technologically advanced machineries and equipment as required for the manufacturing and processing by specific the department which has increased their production capacity
to about 300 pieces per day. Owing to their world class manufactured goods in a full-fledged infrastructure and postsale support to customers has earned the the faith of their